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Best Hospital Management System Online Software

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What Is Hospital Management System (HMS)

Managing the medical, financial, administrative, legal, and compliance aspects of a hospital`s operations is done using an integrated information system called a Hospital Management System. Business intelligence, revenue cycle management, and electronic health records are all part of it. By utilizing such hospital administration systems, hospitals and healthcare facilities can raise the standard of medical care, save operating expenses, and increase revenue cycles.

Involved in hospital management as early as 1960, HMS has subsequently developed and advanced alongside technological advancements in the healthcare industry. Now a days, patients control their own healthcare through the use of their mobile phones, which helps to meet their individual requirements.

Phavio Hospital Management System (HMS) is the best software for hospital administration in the world. It provides a safe platform for hospitals and clinics.

We develop high-quality web applications using the latest Single Page Application (SPA) technology as well as PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, and AJAX.


Phavio HMS Software is the best solution for any sort of hospital, including super-specialty, multi-specialty, and clinics around the world.

Single Page Application (SPA) Technology

Modern SPA (single page application) technology is used by Phavio to create hospital administration system software.
A Web application that is provided to the user through just one HTML page is known as a single-page application (SPA) and is more responsive.


In accordance with your needs, we may also offer software for hospital administration systems that is customized.

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What is Single Page Application (SPA)?

A single page application (SPA) is an Internet application that is introduced to the client through a single HTML page to be more responsive and to all the more intently reproduce a work area application or a local application. A SPA is once in a while alluded to as a single page interface (SPI).

A single page application might recover the application all is HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code on the underlying burden or may stack assets powerfully to refresh because of client connection or different occasions. Other web applications, interestingly, present the client with an initial page that is connected to parts of the application on discrete HTML pages, and that implies that the client needs to trust that another page will stack each time they make another solicitation.

SPAs use HTML5 and Ajax (Nonconcurrent JavaScript and XML) to empower smooth and dynamic reactions to client demands, permitting content to refresh quickly when a client plays out an activity. When the page is stacked, collaborations with the server are through Ajax calls and information is returned, normally in JSON (JavaScript Item Documentation) design, to refresh the page without requiring reloads.

Single page applications (SPAs) are all over. Regardless of whether you are not precisely certain what they are, you in all probability use them routinely — they are an extraordinary device for making unquestionably captivating and remarkable encounters for site clients.

A single page application is a site or web application that progressively reworks an ongoing website page with new information from the web server, rather than the default technique for an internet browser stacking whole new pages.

You will handily perceive a few famous instances of single page applications like Gmail, Google Guides, Airbnb, Netflix, Pinterest, Paypal, and some more. Organizations all around the web are utilizing SPAs to fabricate a liquid, versatile experience.

Notwithstanding, before, SPAs have left advertisers in obscurity with regards to overseeing content. Working with a single page application has generally been a code-weighty endeavor that does not take care of an advertiser is needs or needs. Fortunately, it is currently conceivable to coordinate your SPA with the right happy administration situation (CMS) to give the two designers and advertisers the degree of control they are searching for.

Prepared to realize about SPAs and how they can help your internet business? Here is beginning and end you want to be aware.

Benefits of Single Page Applications

There are many advantages to SPA arrangements on both the client experience side and back-end configuration side of the situation. Further developed application execution, consistency, decreased improvement time, and lower framework costs not just assist you with offering a more wonderful encounter to your clients, they likewise help advancement groups work all the more successfully.

By isolating the show from the substance and information, improvement groups can work at various velocities while as yet staying incorporated and pursuing the general arrangement. SPAs are additionally great for making responsive plans for versatile, work area, and tablet.

A single page application (SPA) is a Web app that is presented to the user through a single HTML page to be more responsive and to more nearly emulate a desktop programme or native app. An SPA is sometimes known as a single page interface (SPI).

A single page application may load all of the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code on the first load, or it may load resources dynamically to update in response to user interaction or other events. Other web programmes, on the other hand, show the user with an initial page that links to different elements of the application on distinct HTML pages, requiring the user to wait for a new page to load each time they make a new request.

HTML5 and Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) are used in SPAs to provide seamless and dynamic replies to user requests, allowing content to refresh instantly when a user makes an action. Once the website is loaded, Ajax calls are used to communicate with the server, and data is returned, often in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format, to update the page without requiring reloads.

Why is HMS important for a hospital?

HMS was designed to eliminate the difficulties connected with handling all of the paper work linked with each patient associated with the many departments of hospitalization while maintaining confidentiality. HMS allows you to handle all of your information in one location, which saves you time organizing and analyzing patient paperwork. HMS does a variety of tasks, including:

  • Maintain the patients medical records.
  • Keep the patients contact information on file.
  • Keep note of the appointment times and dates.
  • Save the insurance details for future use.
  • Keeping track of bill payments.
  • Benefits Of Online Hospital Management Software

    Some of the benefits of Online HMS Software includes improved hospital administration, Reduced Paperwork, minimized documentation, simple access to reference records, Enhanced data security, Integrated Information, no record duplications, rapid information across various departments and more.

    Benefits Of Online Hospital Management Software

    Reduced paperwork

    With the use of HMS software, needless paperwork is reduced, allowing medical professionals to devote more time to patient care and basic healthcare. Doctors are under less work pressure and may provide higher-quality care as a result. HMS software reduces paperwork by totally automating patient registration, form completion, record maintenance, file management, and data storage.

    Huge savings (or) Reduction in Costs

    Every step is automated by HMS software, which also reduces employee workload and boosts productivity. The requirement for employees is reduced by the software. Naturally, there is no reason to use resources for tasks that the software can complete quickly. assisting in cost-cutting as a result. The automated workflow means that hospitals with integrated HMS no longer require paper records, physical storage areas, or operators to handle them.

    Improved Patient Care

    Patients now have higher expectations for improved medical delivery as a result of growing technological breakthroughs. Patients desire better comfort, convenience, and effectiveness. The HMS software comprises many features that improve care delivery, outcomes, and costs.

    For example, an online appointment scheduling portal enables patients to arrange and book appointments with doctors online. It saves them time and money while they wait. Another example is patient data collection and storage. Its ease of use enables doctors to make error-free, timely choices. Improving patient care and clinical workflows.

    Enhanced data security

    Hospitals that use manual systems are more susceptible to data theft and leakage than those that use automated methods, experts have emphasized and reaffirmed. Every piece of information is protected from unauthorized access by a complete hospital administration system.

    However, its equally crucial that you use a modern system with centralized controls rather than a stand-alone, in-house system.

    There is zero chance of error when everything is handled by an access-controlled system where information accessibility is determined by user rights. For this reason, high-quality management systems are being installed in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes.

    Departmental Collaboration

    Technology has eliminated all geographical constraints, allowing doctors, physicians, and other professionals to communicate and share knowledge with other experts. It also enables healthcare organizations to collaborate with the world`s finest healthcare specialists in order to improve the learning and training of their healthcare providers. Patients treatment options are improved through collaboration with other professionals.

    Integrated Information

    It enhances information integrity by a reduction in transcription errors and duplication of information entries.


    Track operation theatre utilization, patient turn-around time, delays in discharge, revenue leakages, etc.

    Electronic Health Records

    Digitally storing and integrating each hospital department with all patient health records enables better patient management.

    Features Of Online HMS Software

    The Best Online HMS is intended to help healthcare facilities to manage all of their activities. Every part of hospital administration software may be handled, from administrative to financial and  medical.

    Let’s find out the features of Online Hospital Management System (HMS) Software:

    Patient Registration

    Patient Registration in HMS Software is designed to manage vital information for the patient information chart, which marks the outset of demographics capture. It includes the patients name, address, and contact information, as well as their birthdate, among other things.

    A unique patient ID is assigned.

    A medical record / medical history is collected from the patient.

    patients visit history is added.

    Information regarding consultants and referral doctors is recorded here.

    Appointment & Scheduling

    HMS Software Appointment & Scheduling is intended to manage the effective scheduling of patient appointments for doctors, laboratories, and radiology services.

    Quick and effective patient scheduling.

    Online and offline appointment availability.

    Patients should get notifications and appointment reminders.

    Out-Patient Management

    Outpatient Management module is designed to manage everything related to outpatient activities.

    It speeds up the billing process and decreases patient wait time.

    Organized services, such as MRIs, X-rays, lab tests, consulting services, and medications.

    Additionally, it is simple to make pharmacy prescriptions for outpatients in order to ensure quick medical assistance.

    To maintain a paperless method, all patient-related information may be recorded into the system.

    In-Patient Management

    The Inpatient Management module is designed to manage all inpatient department needs. Patient demographics, as well as admission, room, consultant, surgeon, diet, and other details, as well as the advance payment made, are entered into this EHR System.

    A unique admission number is generated for each patient.

    Easily manage admissions, discharges, and transfers.

    Find a bed, ward, and room quickly and assign them based on availability or price.

    It ensures the correct discharge process is followed.

    It generates a comprehensive discharge summary.

    You may also handle patient information such as medical records, lab results, radiography, and patient reviews.

    Reception Management

    The Reception Management module of HMS Software manages front desk reception activities.

    Status of any patient/doctor can be queried from this module, e.g., timing of consultant etc.,

    Today`s Inpatients List , Outpatients List, and Casualty Patients List details are available in this module.

    Operation Theatre Management

    The HMS software`s Operation Theatre Management module keeps track of all surgical procedures. The entirety of the prerequisites for starting a successful operation are controlled, including scheduling, managing the team, recording surgery specifics, etc. Surgery can be monitored and prepared in advance by maintaining records.

    It empowers the electronic consent of the patient or relatives while keeping up with the data on preoperative and postoperative as regards the patient’s condition.

    Staff can reach for a comprehensive checklist that enables patient monitoring, detailed preoperative assessment, anesthesia detail monitoring and recording, multilingual consent forms, inventory and stock management of the OT, and sterilization schedules.

    Accounts Management

    The Accounts Management module of HMS Software manages various financial accounts.

    Financial accounts for all purchases, expenses, and payments can be entered in this module. Receipts can be directly imported from the outpatient, inpatient, and pharmacy departments.

    Laboratory Management

    Different aspects of lab operations are managed with the help of the Hospital Management System software.

    Manages patient medical tests, exam reports, commercial records, and laboratory department activities effectively.

    It generates billing for both inpatients and outpatients.

    Lab reports are available via the patient portal, enabling a completely paperless solution.

    An SMS/email is sent to the patient when results are available.

    Pharmacy Management

    The Pharmacy Management module of the Hospital Management System is used to manage multiple pharmacies.

    This module can be used to manage an entire pharmacy.

    Additionally, it can be linked to the main bill. As the patient collects medications from the pharmacy, the charges are automatically transferred to the patient`s bill.

    For appropriate patient care, the pharmacy management tool acts as a connecting link between diagnostic and medicine.

    Consulting doctors can create an electronic prescription and send it to the pharmacy department.

    Patients can receive instructions on how and when to take their medications via SMS.

    Integrate the E-prescription with Pharmacy Store -

    By integrating e-prescriptions with your pharmacy store, you can make medicine collection simple and quick for your patients.

    Hospital Bed Management and Inventory Tracking

    Hospitals can manage their walk-in patients by allocating beds according to the hospital bed management technology.

    Bed Inventory Tracking With real-time updates of occupied and unoccupied beds on the premises, bed allocation can be made much faster.

    To prevent stock shortages and associated commotion in the hospital, track inventory of all medical supplies and equipment.

    Staff Management

    HMS helps in the management of employees across different locations of a particular hospital or healthcare facility. Every aspect related to an employee is captured here: date of joining, designation and department, leave and absence status, salary and benefits details, authorization level, and other information.

    The administrator with access can view and edit employee details, remove inactive or ex-employee details, make any employment-related changes, and more.

    Billing & Discharge Summary

    Billing of all inpatient and outpatient consultancy and services with details of patient information, services provided daily like room rent, operation, oxygen and other gases, consultation, nursing charges, laboratory tests, X-ray, ultrasound, medicine, procedures, etc.

    Because of the increased patient traffic, the administrative staff frequently makes billing mistakes. Such billing mistakes cost hospitals revenue since they lose a major portion of their income.

    Hospital administration software makes automatic invoicing possible with patient information taken directly from their discharge summary.

    QR Code Scanner Interface

    The Hospital Management System Software can interface with commercially available QR code scanners.

    QR codes and barcodes are used to fetch the patient details.

    Patients can log into the portal by scanning the QR code.

    SMS Integration

    It’s possible to reach out to your potential patients and develop your brand.

    Send SMS to facilitate your patients booking of appointments.

    You can easily send reminders regarding appointments.

    Send various alerts, such as those for fee or bill payment, membership expiration, etc.

    Share your latest offerings and treatments.

    Share the latest information about your healthcare facility.

    Follow-up of the appointment

    Human Resources Module

    This module takes care of the complete work of the human resources management in the hospital from the time candidates apply for a job till the time they resign. It entails a variety of activities such as determining your staffing requirements, recruiting, training, and adhering to various regulations, maintaining shift rotation, and delivering workload reports on an individual.

    Daily attendance

    Leave management

    Salary, PF, loans management

    Pay slip generation

    Bonus and incentive management

    Reports Management

    A well-made Hospital Management System allows authorized personnel to access the HMIS data as and when required.

    In this module we can access all the reports of patients, like inpatient reports, outpatient reports , lab reports , pharmacy reports, etc.


    PhaviChat is one of the best features in PHAVIO HMS Software.

    We can chat with all the employees using this PhaviChat.

    We can send any type of file using this chat, like images, videos, voice recorders, and so many other types of files.

    Every hospital has different requirements; choose what is perfect for your needs and install the appropriate HMS software.

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