Best Laboratory Management System Online Software

Best Laboratory Management System Online Software

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Phavio Laboratory Management Software is one of the best software for laboratories in India.

Laboratory Management Software

Manage your lab with the latest Laboratory Management Software.

We develop high-quality web applications with the latest SPA technology, as well as PHP, MYSQL, Javascript, AJAX, and JQuery.


Phavio provides the Best Lab Management System with all the new features. It contains everything that Lab Management needs.


Phavio provides Lab Management System Software with the latest SPA (single-page application) technology.
To be more responsive, a single-page application (SPA) is a web application that is provided to the user through a single HTML page.


We may also provide customised Lab Management System Software based on your specifications.

Laboratory Management Software

Features Of Online Lab Management Software

Lab Management System Software has some essential features. Let’s find out the features of Online Lab Management Software :

Test Management

Test Management

Laboratory Management Software helps standardise testing workflows while providing complete and accurate control of the testing process.

Lab Management Software allows you to manage the tests conducted on the batch of samples, enables easy entry of the results, tracks approval/validation of results, and generates reports.

Besides, it allows you to manage test analytes and allocate tests to specific Laboratory Management System Software users.

Sample management

Sample Management

The Laboratory Management Software helps you manage all the samples in the lab.

It allocates a unique code to each of the samples, which helps in the identification of them. 

The sample information includes all the vital data like the test to be performed, the name and other details of the patient, etc.

These data`s are available on both offline and online.

Manage Inventory

Manage Inventory

Laboratories need to manage lots of inventories, like tubes, report files, equipment, etc. And because they cannot afford to waste time managing them, the Lab Management Software helps them manage all the things in the software and allows them to get knowledge of any inventory within seconds.



The Laboratory Management Software has in-built electronic medical record (EMR) or electronic health record (EHR) functionality that includes patient check-in and billing capability.

EMR or EHR is a boon for your laboratories and makes your job that much easier.



Lab Management Software allows you to generate reports including sample tracking, sample summary, inventory, test results, quality control data, sample/analysis count, invoices, instrument calibration, etc.

Customer Communication

The Laboratory Management Software stores all of the customer`s data, including reports and contact information.

Once all the reports are checked, it automatically communicates all the details to the customer through emails.

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